Nathan Everett


Nathan Everett

Nathan has been involved in the publishing industry as an author, publisher, trainer, and technologist for over 30 years. He was an early adopter of desktop publishing technology and traveled the country as one of the first authorized trainers for Aldus PageMaker while publishing magazines and trade journals in Minneapolis.

While training hundreds of graphic artists on computer technology, Nathan also trained "non-professionals" in a broad range of printing concepts, including typography, design, color, and print history. Over the years he became fascinated with the mysteries surrounding Johannes Gutenberg and began collecting stories as he visited historic sites like The Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany. From this grew the story of the search for Gutenberg's secret project.

Nathan did not remain stuck in the ink and paper world, however. As electronic publishing continued to advance, he worked on the technology, filing seven patents in the area of typography and on-screen layout. He has continued to consult in that industry since his retirement from Microsoft in 2009. But his love for traditional printing arts has continued and he is a member of the Board of Directors of the Seattle Center for Book Arts.

Nathan estimates that he has written many novels, some which are in both print and electronic forms. His first book, For Blood or Money, was published by Long Tale Press in 2008. He published an on-line novel, Willow Mills, IN, in 2004 as an experiment in Web-based publishing. His young adult fantasy novel Steven George & The Dragon was released in 2011. Nathan is an active supporter of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association and the National Novel Writing Month.

Nathan lives with his wife, daughter, and two rescued greyhounds in the Pacific Northwest. He only writes when it’s raining.

Nathan Everett
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